Welcome to Best of The Reader, a series of e-books for adult literacy and English as a second language learners. This site has 14 e-books, a teachers’ guide, and a calendar of special days and holidays for 2014.

Each e-book has 8 to 10 stories, and each story has exercises and activities to go with it. There is also an answer key in each e-book. The stories, recipes, puzzles, and other material are from past issues of The Westcoast Reader (1982-2009), a newspaper for adults who are improving their English reading skills.

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Easy Stories: People

This e-book is designed for literacy level readers. Please note that it features a selection of stories from some of the other e-books on this site. The stories are all written at the easiest (one book) level.

Amazing Stories

Stories include:

  • Students and teacher deliver baby
  • Climber loses nine fingers
  • Pi is lost for 26 days
  • Two amazing friends
  • People rescue trapped horses

Click the link to download the e-book Amazing Stories.


Articles include:

  • Canada quiz
  • July 1 is Canada’s birthday
  • Helping newcomers adjust to Canada
  • Workers find dinosaur tracks in B.C.
  • Terry Fox is a Canadian hero

Click the link to download the e-book Canada.

Canada’s Aboriginal People

Stories include:

  • Susan Aglukark
  • Small business is a big success
  • A Haida legend
  • Susan Point is a Coast Salish artist
  • National Aboriginal Day

Click the link to download the e-book Canada’s Aboriginal People.



Stories include:

  • A family farm
  • Sikh family celebrates
  • Helping children learn
  • Trinidadian family is happy in B.C.
  • Family life with Baby Blues (cartoons)

Click the link to download the e-book Families.

Keeping Safe


Stories include:

  • What to do in an earthquake
  • Boy saves neighbours from fire
  • Tips for preventing falls
  • How to be safe around dogs
  • Safety tips at the ATM

Click the link to download the e-book Keeping Safe.

Many Ways to Help


Stories include:

  • Small loans help poor people
  • An ESL class finds a way to help
  • Mehdi helps Jonathan learn
  • Simon works to save rare bears
  • Students send quilt to Afghanistan

Click the link to download the e-book Many Ways to Help.

People and Jobs


Stories include:

  • Window washer has a great view
  • Alix works at a garden centre
  • Ferry captain is at the top
  • Making guitars is a family tradition
  • RCMP officer is from Mexico

Click the link to download the e-book People and Jobs.

Readers’ Stories

Stories by readers include:

  • Save our planet
  • Gabi’s hiccups
  • New Year’s in Thailand
  • Legend of the dancing goats
  • Honeymoon in Paris



Recipes include:

  • Healthy snacks
  • Fruit smoothie
  • Greek salad
  • Sweet chili tofu stir-fry
  • Cranberry pear crumble

Special Days and Holidays


Holidays include:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Norooz
  • Vaisakhi
  • Easter
  • Ramadan

Click the link to download the e-book Special Days and Holidays



Stories include:

  • Swedish twins are hockey players
  • Grey Cup
  • Joannie is an Olympic athlete
  • Olga is a track star at 90
  • Two Brazilian soccer players

Click the link to download the e-book Sports.

Word Games and Puzzles

Puzzles include:

  • Crosswords
  • Find the differences
  • Sudoku
  • Word play
  • Find the words

Click the link to download the e-book Word Games and Puzzles.

Your Health

Articles include:

  • Choose healthy food
  • Exercise is good for you
  • Take care of your teeth
  • Protect yourself from colds and flu
  • Diabetes is a serious disease

Teachers’ Guide

The guide has four sections: Pre-reading Activities, Listening and Speaking Activities, Reading Comprehension Activities, and Activities for Developing Vocabulary. Each section has an introduction and sample activities.

I hope that teachers will be able to customize the suggested activities to fit the needs, interests, and ages of their students as well as their language and reading levels.